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Mulder’s Landscape Supplies can assist in increasing the value of your property by planting trees. Doing so provides beauty and shade for years to come. Maples, oaks, river birch, and pear trees add a stately and impressive statement to a landscape. Weeping cherries, dogwood, and Japanese maples give any backyard garden a beautiful splash of color and interest. When other plants go dormant or lose their leaves during the winter months, evergreens provide shades of green to the landscape. Whether you prefer shade, flowering varieties, or trees with interesting and amazing foliage, Mulder’s nursery offers a wide assortment for you to select from.

We have your specific needs covered – and shaded!

Add color and interest to your landscape with our large variety of ornamental trees. With amazing blossoms, interesting shapes, and unique foliage you are certain to enhance the look of your home, backyard, and garden space.Ornamental Trees

Enjoy beauty and splendor by selecting the perfect shade tree to enjoy year after year. From a red sunset maple to the dappled shade of a skyline locust.Trees

Make your yard attractive year-round with evergreens. Mulder’s nursery offers a wide selection of evergreens – from slow-growing dwarf trees that are suitable for patio containers, to fast-growing trees for use individually or to create hedge rows. We carry evergreens that will grow tall and wide while others have narrow forms, making them ideal for small spaces.Evergreen Trees

Visit the Mulder’s nursery today to view our selection or contact Mulder’s learn more from our knowledgeable staff.

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Whether you are installing a patio or building a wall, we have all the materials you need to complete the project and create a one-of-a-kind design.