Mulder’s Landscape Supplies carries a large selection of aggregate for practical and visually pleasing uses. Our varieties include:

  • 22A Stabilized Gravel – A good base for driveways, this gravel is 70-percent clay and 30-percent stone.
  • 21AA Crushed Stone – Ideal for top coat on gravel driveways, this material is 70-percent stone and 30-percent clay.
  • River Rock – Most popular for landscaping, these stones are typically 1-2″ each.
  • 6A Stone – Useful for drainage and use around septic tanks, etc., pieces are 1/2-2″ each.
  • Crushed Concrete with Fines – Due to its compactable nature, crushed concrete is ideal for use in driveways, etc.
  • Crushed 5/8″ Stone – Compactable and useful for drainage purposes, this material is often used for pathways and behind walls.
  • 3/8″ Crushed Stone with Fines – A crushed stone product, this material is ideal as a compactable base under patios.
  • Pea Stone – Roughly the size of a pea, this material can be used in landscaping and is especially useful in dog kennels and for drainage projects.
  • Crushed Limestone – This material is great for landscaping and topping a gravel driveway.
  • Cobble Stone – Good for landscaping beds and stone borders, these pieces are typically 4-8″ each.
  • Oversized Stone – Used for landscaping beds, these pieces are typically 1.5-4″ each.
  • Stone Dust – Stone dust is often used for ball fields.
  • Red Crater Rock – These stones are ornate landscape stones in red hues.
  • Black Crater Rock – These stones are ornate, black landscape stones.
  • Natural Stone – Used for patios and wall building, these stones come in a variety of types and colors. Larger stones are often used for outcroppings.
  • Weed Barrier – Available in widths of 3-12’ per fabric roll, 250 and 300’ lengths are available. We also offer a few options by the foot for smaller projects. Contact us for more info and availability.

Click below to view sample photos of some of Mulder’s aggregate materials below.

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