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Mulder’s Landscape Supplies carries a large selection of bulk mulch. Used in landscaping beds and around plants, we have natural and dyed varieties available as well as bagged products.

Depending on whether you are starting a new bed or topping existing mulch, you should spread the material 2-4” deep. Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine the appropriate amount to purchase for your project.

Our mulch offerings include a variety of wood types and colors. We also carry pine straw bales, each covering approximately 80 square feet.

Our options include:

Bark Mulch Fines
Double shredded hardwood, dark brown in color.
Shredded Hardwood
Natural hardwood.
Natural cedar mulch.
Brick Red Dyed
Red dyed mulch made from chipped up pallets.
Dark Brown Dyed
Dark brown dyed mulch made from chipped up pallets.
Black Dyed
Black dyed mulch made from chipped up pallets.
Pine Bark
Natural pine bark chips.
Pine Straw Bales
Covers approximately 80 square feet.
landscaping with mulch


Based on the specific material used, natural mulch does not contain artificial coloring. Our natural mulch options, offered in bulk include:

Mulch Type Color Options
Shredded Hardwood Bark dark brown
Cedar light brown
Pine Bark medium brown
Bark Fines dark brown, double cut and finer than other mulch


Similar to the natural mulch listed above, dyed mulch features artificial coloring to create deeper and longer lasting coloring.
Our bulk selection includes:

Color Options
Brick Red
Dark Brown

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