Loading the soil sorter at Mulder's Landscape SuppliesMulder’s Landscape Supplies offers different soil options to fit the needs of your specific project whether large or small! Our options include:

  • Processed Top Soil – Filtered through a screen, this material is ideal for top dressing and installing new lawns.
  • Unprocessed Top Soil – An economical way to fill large areas, this material may contain some sticks and stones.
  • Mixed – Ideal for planting, mixed soil contains top soil, compost, and sand.
  • Compost – Good for plant mix and gardens, compost is screened from decomposed leaf compost.
  • Peat Moss – Good for planting and amending soils, peat moss helps retain water.

Soil is sorted in-house at Mulder's Landscape SuppliesWe process and sort the majority of our soil and compost in-house. This way we can deliver you the best product at a reasonable price!

Inquire about our delivery options if you are looking for a larger quantity or feel free to stop in for your supplies today. Contact Mulder’s to learn more.

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