Grass Seed and Supplies

miscellaneous landscape supplies available at Mulder's Landscape SuppliesWe carry a wide variety of grass seed and supplies at Mulder’s Landscape Supplies. From do-it-yourselfers looking to spruce up their yard to contractors with commercial projects, our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right product and quantities for your project.

      • Perennial Ryegrass Blend – This blend is 33.39-percent SR4550 Perennial Ryegrass, 32.94-percent SR4600.
      • Perennial Ryegrass, and 32.75-percent Manhattan 5 Perennial Ryegrass.
      • Contractor Mixture – This blend is 39.69-percent Manhattan 5 Perennial Ryegrass, 29.47-percent Park.
      • Kentucky Bluegrass, and 29.46-percent Creeping Red Fescue.
      • Shady Mixture – This blend is 39.41-percent Pennlawn Creeping Red Fescue, 19.98-percent SR2100.
      • Kentucky Bluegrass, 19.78-percent Zoom Perennial Ryegrass, 9.83-percent SR5250 Creeping Red Fescue, and 9.80-percent Longfellow II Chewings Fescue.
      • Sunny Mixture – This blend is 34.43-percent Creeping Red Fescue, 19.97-percent SR4600 Perennial.
      • Ryegrass, 19.85-percent Manhattan 5 Perennial Ryegrass, 14.86-percent SR2100 Kentucky Bluegrass, and 9.88-percent Baron Kentucky Bluegrass.
      • Imperial Green Mixture – This blend is 19.91-percent Wildhorse Kentucky Bluegrass, 19.70-percent Arc.
      • Kentucky Bluegrass, 19.64-percent Park Kentucky Bluegrass, 14.83-percent Zoom Perennial Ryegrass, 14.55-percent SR4600 Perennial Ryegrass, and 9.99-percent Foxy Creeping Red Fescue.
      • Penn Mulch – Useful in maintaining moisture and promoting the germination of new lawn seedings, one bag of penn mulch covers roughly 800 square feet.
      • EZ Straw Bales – This processed straw is sold in 2.5 cubic yard bales and covers approximately 500 square feet.
      • Pine Straw Bales – One pine straw bale will cover approximately 50 square feet at 1.5” inches deep. This beautiful and unique ground cover is long lasting, wind resistant, and completely organic and chemical-free.
      • Straw Bales – Great for many uses from covering new lawn seeding to keeping pets warm, one bale of straw covers 800-1,000 square feet.
      • Erosion Blankets – We carry single net erosion blankets in 4 x 112.5′ and 8 x 112.5′ sizes. While this is most commonly used to cover new seed areas, it can also be used in any area with an erosion problem.
      • Fertilizer – We carry 50 pound bags of fertilizer including fertilizer with crabgrass killer, weed & feed, 12-12-12 garden fertilizer, and lawn-starter fertilizer.

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